Other Time Periods

Seven Years War

Several members of the UTMRS reenact the Royal Scots during the Seven Years War as well. During this war the second battalion served in North America, most notably during the siege of Lousiburg. Below are some pictures taken at one of our favorite events: St Marie among the Hurons.

The Royal Regiment, Grenadier Company travelled to Nova Scotia this summer to reenact the 250th anniversary of the (2nd) capture of Fort Louisbourg.

World War Two

Many of the same members of the UTMRS reenact a Canadian Regiment of the Second World War – the Perth Regiment. The Perths were in the Fifth Armoured division and fought their way through Italy before being sent to Northern Europe. Reenacting this regiment includes many parades and displays to help Canadians remember the sacrifice of many young men and women.

If you have an interest in joining either of these time periods, send us an email and we can give you more information.