Merchant Registration and Information

Re-enactment Dates and Times Open to the Public:

Saturday May 4, 2024 – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday May 5, 2024 – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Eligibility of Merchant Space:

Merchant space is available to merchants of historic and historically-inspired merchandise (see “Items Offered for Sale” below). Merchant applications will be considered by the UTMRS Board of Directors. All merchants are expected to adhere to the guidelines included in this package and to the rules of general good taste and conduct throughout the event, including during set up and tear down. Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in a request from the UTMRS to remedy the situation; failure to do so may result in the merchant being required to depart from the event without monetary recompense for merchant fees or potential sales.

The UTMRS reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason at their sole discretion

Once your registration is received and approved, you will receive a confirmation by E-mail, if you do not receive a confirmation by April 19th, 2024 please contact Shayna McKay.

Payment for Merchant Space:

The fee for a merchant space at the event is $20.00 CDN. All fees must be paid in full with your merchant registration. Merchant space is limited and we cannot hold spaces that have not been paid for. Payment may be made by cheque or money order (payable to “Upper Thames Military Re-enactment Society”, or by PayPal to

Cheques that are returned for any reason will result in the cancellation of your registration. The deadline for registration and payment is April 19th, 2024. Registrations received after this date may not be accepted.

Set Up:

Merchants may set up between Friday, May 3, 2024 @ 3:00 PM and Saturday, May 4, 2025 @ 8:30 AM. Merchants must check in at the registration cabin before setting up.

All vehicles must be removed from the merchants’ area as soon as reasonably possible after unloading and absolutely no later than 8:30 AM Saturday.

Tear Down:

You may begin moving out as soon as the event closes at 4:00 PM on Sunday. Vehicles will not be permitted on site until this time. Please do not begin to pack or load before the event closes as this gives an unprofessional appearance to the event and drives any remaining customers away.

Merchant Space Rentals:

The space you rent is for your company or group only. No subletting of space is permitted without authorization and consent from the UTMRS at the time of registration. The UTMRS makes every effort to ensure that this event is of the highest quality in terms of authenticity, appearance and atmosphere.

Items Offered for Sale:

Please help us in maintaining the quality of this event by displaying and selling only items that are historically accurate and reflective of the 19th century. This time period does not include items made of plastic, mass produced items or other distinctly questionable or non-period products. Please use your highest standard of discretion to ensure that your display reflects the finest quality and level of historical accuracy as possible.

Historically oriented modern items such as books, sewing patterns, CD’s and DVD’s will be allowed to be sold provided they are in good taste, of good quality and are displayed tastefully in a historically oriented unit or set up although these items should not form the centerpiece of your display. Similarly, packaging and labelling as required by the Department of Health is allowed. Please make every possible effort to minimize the impact of any such required packaging that is non-period.

Merchants selling food items must produce these items in a commercial kitchen approved by the Merchant’s local Board of Health. Copies of such certification may be requested at registration or at any point during the weekend by members of the UTMRS or the local Health Inspector.

The sale of any item acquired by archaeological excavation is strictly prohibited!

It has come to our attention that pirated items are now being offered for sale within our community. Pirated items are unauthorized copies of items that are owned or copyrighted by a third party. No pirated items may be offered for sale. Similarly, articles that are being offered for sale in violation of exclusivity contracts are not allowed. Any articles that are deemed to be pirated items or articles in violation of exclusivity contracts must be removed immediately upon the organizers’ request. Failure to remove these items will result in immediate expulsion from the event without monetary recompense for booth fees or lost sales.

This is clearly not the proper venue for items reflecting a flea market or modern craft sale. Plastic items, regardless of wrapping or positioning are not acceptable under any circumstances. Other unacceptable items include: dream catchers, modern pow-wow items, turquoise jewelry, Mexican blankets, food items produced outside of a health-inspected commercial kitchen, sling shots or pistols using rubber bands, medieval items, parts or products deriving from any threatened, endangered or otherwise protected species, granite ware or enamel ware, percussion weapons, clothing or accessories pertaining to periods other than the War of 1812 or made from materials not available during the War of 1812, bamboo flutes, neon feathers, any items presented in plastic packaging, and other non-period items.

If you have any questions as to whether any items that you propose to sell might present a problem, please contact us and we will advise you.

Sales Tax:

Each merchant is responsible for the collection and filing of sales tax as appropriate – neither the site nor the Committee will bear any responsibility for the collection, filing, or remittance of sales tax by any merchants.


All merchants are required to provide proof of insurance with their application. If you belong to the group merchant insurance policy, we will get your name from the policy organizer. Otherwise, you must submit proof of insurance (see info below registration form). This insurance must indicate that the merchant is covered for commercial activities. Please note that most regular re-enacting insurance specifically excludes commercial activities from its coverage. If you carry insurance through a re-enactment unit, we suggest you contact your insurer to confirm that you do indeed have proper coverage.

Exhibit, Appearance and Behavior:

All merchants and any persons working in merchants’ tents must wear 1812 period clothing and operate from period tents. The use of modern technological devices, including Bluetooth headsets, in view of the public is not allowed. Please help us to enhance the atmosphere of the event by making your exhibit as authentic as possible – avoid or cover all plastic, plexiglass, cardboard, or other non-authentic display units, tables, chairs and so forth. Please do not use Coleman Stoves etc. Please remember to bring and display your company sign.

Cooking fires must be properly supervised and extinguished when not in use.

Modern Camping:

Modern camping will be allowed within the confines of the modern camping area only. Please indicate on your registration form if you require a space in the modern camping area.


The re-enactor parking area is located some distance away from the merchants’ area. Requests for specialized or persons with disabilities parking should be noted on your registration form.

The following will be provided for the weekend:

  • Firewood, potable water
  • Fireplate for each campfire or brazier
  • Port-a-potties and sinks will be available from Friday on, as will the modern facilities in the central building on the site

Food Options

  • Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase on site from the Poplar Hill Lion’s Club.
  • There are several restaurants nearby in Mount Brydges, Delaware, Komoka, and along Longwoods Road.

Battle of The Longwoods 2024 – Merchant Registration

Longwoods Conservation Area, May 4th – May 5th, 2024

Registration and Payment deadline: April 19th, 2024

Once form is submitted, send payment to:

PayPal: OR

Cheque or money order mailed to:

c/o Shayna McKay
151 Delmont Ave
London, Ontario
N5X 1M5

Acceptance of this invitation is an indication that you are warranting that all products and services that you offer to the public and re-enactors alike will be of the highest quality and appropriate to the War of 1812 period, and further, that you agree to abide by the guidelines and standards of behaviour and presentation as outlined in the Merchant Information Package. If you are not covered by the group merchant insurance policy, please send proof of insurance by email or to Shayna McKay at the address above.